Learn and Integrate
Vital Practices

Evolve, Adapt, Inspire & Thrive

Welcome to Ancient Earth Skills

Here we offer time tested, age old, knowledge essential to our health and happiness. As caretakers of ourselves, our families, and the Earth our talented and experienced faculty provide nature connection and educational programming centered around ancient skills.

Including: Wilderness Survival, Wildlife Tracking & Naturalist training, Self-Reliance, Traditional Arts and Crafts, Music and Dance, Wellness & Self-Care, Personal and Group Fitness, Ninjutsu and Self Defense.

Explore and Integrate Vital Practices! And do it according to your own comfort level. We offer customized, group, individual, and ongoing courses for all ages and backgrounds, kindergarten to college, novice to expert, online and in person.

Our Skills Pathways:


Child and Teen Wilderness Skills

of Self

Personal & Group Fitness 
Corrective Exercise 
Wellness Training

The Hunter’s

Naturalist Studies

Living with
the Ancients

Primitive Life Skills
of a Hunter Gatherer

“You are alive. And, how are you living?”

Deepen your nature connection, expand your traditional skill base, and re-wild your body and mind with Ancient Earth Skills.

Check out our YouTube channel to learn more about ancient Earth based skills including: edible and medicinal plants, fire making, hide tanning, music and traditional hand percussion.

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