Whether you are a hunter gatherer in the bush or an urban centered human being, maintaining self and situational awareness is critical in keeping ourselves and our families safe and alive.  In this course you will expand your nature and sensory based awareness, hone your instincts and improve your ability to read the most ancient of languages: the marks left behind by animal, plant, human, and the elements. Study our human and animal neighbor’s daily life by looking at clear print identification, gait studies, cluster and sign tracking, trailing, interpretation, and track aging. In our best effort to study, see, touch, or bring home the animal whose tracks we follow, we will also explore camouflage, stalking, and counter tracking movement as we trail critters through a variety of substrates. We will learn the universal language of the birds and the five voices they use, ranging from companion calls to alarm, and how the birds may tell us who is coming our way in the forest.